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my roles

The different roles I currently play and have played

Senior Product & Brand Designer for small & medium sized companies
Mentor of Junior UX Researchers & Designers
(senior) UX consultant (working for enterprises in Europe) and Head of UX & Design at a consultant agency
CEO/founder of my company FABBEO - Marketplace for 3D printing services (r.i.p 2015)

Workplace habits

My greatest need: Creative freedom.

I prefer to have as much wiggle room as possible to do things my own way. Flexible working hours makes me more productive.

I prefer to work at a company that is future focused, innovative and that cares about (their) people.


Adaptability and SPONTANEITY

I am well-known for my my adaptability and spontaneity. 

I tend to use unconventional methods, and I think existing rules are just someone else’s way of doing things and can be challenged.

I always find a way to make things happen. Just give me a clearly set goal, and otherwise an open sandbox.


As a team player

Working with equals and giving some advice in order to solve practical problems is right where I like to be. I have a desire for harmony and willingness to find win-win solutions whenever possible.

Former colleagues describe me as spontaneous, charming, and genuinely fun to be around, I like to express these natural qualities, and it makes me happy to know that my efforts are appreciated.


I know Fleur now for some years and i can confirm that she is a great colleague to work with. We worked together in Scrum Teams and did many Design Sprints together. She loves to get in touch with users and gain a deep understanding of them using a product. She hears and sees things, that were mostly not obvious at the first place. Besides her proven track record on hard skills in the field of UX & Design, she also brings in deep understanding in Product Mgmt. & Marketing.

Michael Cyankiewicz
‍Former colleague at Young Digitals

As a team lead

I don’t see myself as a domineering personality type, and I take no joy in exerting control over others.

But therefore I am a great listener, helping others to align their personal motivations with the task at hand. Giving them the freedom to do what needs to be done to solve what needs to be solved. I am likely to dig into the work right alongside them. 


I started my career as a UI/UX designer with Fleur as Head of UX & Design department and as a mentor. With her mentorship and leadership skills I developed a lot. She encouraged me to get out of my shell and taught me well how to become a great colleague and how to communicate with clients.I am personally really thankful for having Fleur as a mentor and a great colleague in my first experience in the professional field.

Agung abiyoga
‍Former colleague at Young Digitals

this is me

...when I am not sitting behind my computer

Fleur Augustinus in 2CV old timer car
as 4yo in an old-timer
Fleur Augustinus with electric saw
With a saw
Fleur Augustinus as banksy girl throwing flowers
being street art
Fleur Augustinus balancing on the side of a sailing boat
As a flying sailor
Fleur Augustinus on a snowboard reading a map
on a snowboard

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