favourite quote

making the complicated simple.

A visual story about me

Reasons why

I ♥hackatons


out of the box

brainstorm ideas; thinking beyond limitations


interesting people

Get to know a wide range of people with different points-of-view


new perspectives

to gather new insights, learn from each other, a broader view on my environment


quick results

To be able to execute in a short amount of time.

hackaton concepts

A few examples of Hackatons I attended

cross-DISCIPLINARY art week

Psychological experiment to test how artists value themselves and their work

start-up weekend | berlin

Shop to sell your 3D printed creations. Produced on demand.

start-up weekend | movies

Synchronising famous movies with your own voice and content. (before Dubsmash)

hackdays bw | Hugo boss

Virtual fashion show concept with social media integration

this is me

when not doing product or brand design

in an old-timer
With a saw
being street art
as a Unicorn
on a snowboard