case study

product design

01 summary


the project brief

Assist the management team with user research and UX/UI Design to create an app based on an existing app.

A blueprint was created by the client's UX researcher and set the stage for the scope of the project. 30 screens where documented in detail describing the functionality & screen content.

From that I scoped the amount of work to turn this into a user-centered design ready for development.


Car importer and dealer for leading car brands



my role

UX Consultant

Project duration

6 weeks

For the sake of discretion, no details about the application and customer can be given.

02 Methods

ux research

User interviews
competitor analysis
user testing

ux design

User flows

ui design

User Interface design for Android & iOs,
ready for development

project management

User stories
Design Kanban method*
Stakeholder update reports
Developer Handover

03 process

01 the blue print

information architecture

4.3 Screen 2.2: Filter

a) Usersicht
Antippen des Filtersymbols führt zur Anzeige der Filter-Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.
Antippen des Bereichs ausserhalb des Filterbereichs führt zur Schließung und Anwendung der Filtereinstellungen

b) Feldbezeichnung
Feld Zurücksetzen
Feld (Schieber on/off) Nicht verfügbare Parkplätze ausblenden... etc.

UX Wireframe
02 wireframes

drafts based on the blueprint

03 low fidelity design

click dummy for user testing

Low fidelity UI Design
Picture: Unsplash - Alexandre Boucher
UX Wireframe
04 user testing a car looking for a parking spot

wireframe VS. LOw-FIDELITY screens

auswahl S, M or L Parplätze

user data

Based on conducted user interviews it was more likely to have an 'only show XL parking spots'* vs. don't show S,M and/or L parking spots.

*for people with big SUVs or where bad at parking

Nur XL Parkplätze anzeigen an oder aus

business requirements

Also from a business perspective it turned out to be a huge overhead to determine S, M & L spots and to communicate this to the user.

05 final designs

ready for development

UI design map parking app

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